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Attending Lectures or For Scientific Demonstrations

Theater is a branch of art that was born in classical Greece. At that time, around 500 years before Christ, priests played on altars and one of the scenes was the ceremony of making offerings to the gods. In this sense, modern Indonesian theater has been understood conceptually (realist theater) since Usmar Ismail and Asrul Sani founded ATNI (Indonesian National Theater Academy) on 10 September 1955 in Jakarta. Since then, the form of theater in Indonesia has undergone quite fundamental changes compared to its traditional forms, such as Randai, Ludruk, Mahjong, Ketoprak and Ledhek.

Understanding Theater Arts
Theatrical art is a type of dramatic performing art that is performed on stage. Specifically, theater art is a dramatic art that displays human behavior with movement, dance and singing which is presented complete with dialogue and acting.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), theater has three meanings, namely a building or room where films, plays, and so on are shown. Furthermore, the second meaning is a large room with rows of chairs on the sides and back for attending bo slot gacor lectures or for scientific demonstrations. The final meaning is drama performance as an art or profession, drama, theater and drama.

Etymologically, the word theater can be interpreted as a place or building for performances, while the term theater is defined as anything that is performed on stage for audience consumption. The following is a summary of the meaning of theater arts according to experts:

1.Balthazar Valhagen
Theater is a dramatic art that depicts human nature and character through movement.

2. Multon
Theater is a life story depicted or illustrated in the form of movement or called life presented in action.

3. Anne Civardi
Theater is the dramatic art of telling stories through words and movement.

4. R.M.A. Harymawan
Specifically, theater refers to activities in the performing arts (acting), so that the actions of performers on stage are called acting. The term acting is taken from the Greek word “dran” which means to do, apply, or act. Because of this acting activity, male performers in theater are called actors and female performers are called actresses.

5. Handayani and Wildan art
Theater is a form of composition that relies on two branches of art, namely literary arts and performing arts.

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